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Polishing & Grinding

Chemical Mechanical Polisher System (CMP)

The Chemical Mechanical Polisher (CMP) is used to polish 4" (or 6") wafer by using chemical and mechanical polishing method. It can planarize the wafer which has different material.

    Dicing Saw

    A Dicing Saw is used to cut(or dice) or groove semiconductor wafer into small square, or die.


      The grinder is used to grind a wafer piece into desired thickness.

        Polisher (Ultrapol End & Edge Polisher)

        The purpose of the Ultrapol End & Edge Polisher is to polish the edge of the diced wafer sample

          Wire Bonder

          The wire bonder is designed for ultrasonic, thermosonic, or thermocompression wedge bonding of IC's, hybrids, microwave devices, and laser diodes using gold or aluminum wire from .5 mil (12.5 microns) to 3 mil (76 microns) and ribbon.

            Ultron UH114 Wafer Tape Applicator

            Ultron UH114 Wafer Tape Applicator is used to prepare the wafer which needs to be diced by a dicing saw machine. The tape will hold the diced wafer so that the wafer dice will not fall off.