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Ultron UH114 Wafer Tape Applicator


Ultron UH114

Wafer Tape Applicator

Contact Information

Maintenance Request Faculty Contact: Aaron Hawkins
Staff Contact: Jim Fraser
General Information
Operating Procedure
Note: Please do not use the Vaccum part of the UH114 because it is broken for right now.

Ultron UH114 Wafer Tape Applicator is used to prepare the wafer which need to be diced by a dicing saw machine. The tape will hold the diced wafer so that the wafer dice will not fall off.

  1. Make sure there is enough tape inside the UH114. Turn on the power by pressing red power button. The Power button light should be on.
  2. Open the cover of the UH114
  3. There is a green circular base in the middle
  4. Put the wafer in the center of the green circular base
  5. Then put the Metal Ring around the wafer. The Metal Ring should line up with the screw around.
  6. Pull out the tape from the back. You should be able to pull out from the end of the UH114.
  7. Move the tape roller and run over the wafer back and forth so that the tape will stick evenly through out the wafer.
  8. Close back the cover. At the back, there is a black cirle knob cutter. Move the knob back and forth to cut off the tape. If the cutter is dull, use the following method.
  9. If the Cutter is dull, open back the UH114 cover. Use a cutter or a pair of scissors to cut off the tape manually.
  10. Then cut the extra tape off the edge so it fit to the Dicing Saw machine for dicing the wafer.

Shut Down Procedure

Make sure the extra tape is rolled back to the tape roll. Make sure the cover is closed. Then shut off the power by pressing the Power button. The light should turn off.


If there is any question regarding to the Ultrapol End & Edge UH114, please email the staff above for more inforamtion.