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Chemical etchants for various thin films used in semiconductor devices.

For more information on products, recommended photoresist types, applications and compatibility charts please visit Transene.

Film TypeEtchantsRange
AlAluminum Etchants
at 25°C, at 40°C
30 �/sec, 40 �/sec
80 �/sec, 125 �/sec
Al2O3Transetch - N120 �/sec at 180°C
CrChromium Etch-473
Chromium Etch-TFD
Chromium Etch-1020
at 25°C, at 40°C
14 �/sec, 25 �/sec
--, 50 �/sec
Cr-CrOChromium Etch-TFD
Chromium Etch-1020
Chromium Cermet
Etchant - TFE
1000 �/min at 50°C
CuCopper Etch 100
Copper Etch 200
APS Copper 100
1 mil/min at 50°C
.5 mil/min at 50°C
80 �/sec at 40°C
GaAsGallium Arsenide20 �/sec to 100 �/sec
GaNGallium Nitride80 �/min at 180°C
Ga2O3Gallium Oxide10 SEC. at 25°C
GaPGallium PhosphideA Face(Ga): 115 �/hr
B Face (P): 210 �/hr,80°C
GeGermanium250 �/sec at 20°C
AuGold Etchant TFA28 �/sec at 25°C
In2O3Indium Oxide30 min at 25°C
InPIndium Phosphide30 mins at 25°C
Fe2O3Iron Oxide ME-1050 �/sec at 25°C
MoMoly Etchant55 �/sec at 30°C
85 �/sec at 60°C
NbNiobium50 �/sec at 25°C
Ni-CrNichrome Etch - TFC
NIckel Etch TFN
20 �/sec at 25°C
50 �/sec at 40°C
NiNickel Etch - TFB
NIckel Etch TFG
30 �/sec at 25°C
50 �/sec at 40°C
PdPalladium Etchant - TFP110 �/sec at 50°C
PtPlatinum Etch 1:110 �/sec at 25°C
SiSilicon Slow Etch
Silicon Mesa Etch
SiO2Buffer HF (thermally grown)
Siloxide Etch (deposited)
800 �/min at 25°C
2400 �/min at 25°C
SiOSilicon Monoxide Etch5000 �/min at 85°C
Si3N4Transetch - N125 �/min at 180°C
AgSilver Etchant - TFS200 �/sec at 25°C
TaTantalum Etch SIE-860770 �/sec at 25°C
TiTitanium Etchant - TFT25 �/sec at 20°C
50 �/sec at 30°C
Ti-WTi-Tungsten Etch TiW-3020 �/sec
WTungsten Etch TFW140 �/sec at 30°C
SnO, ITOTE-10030 MIN at 25°C