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TEMlab Electron Beam Evaporator

Tool Information

Contact Information

Manufacturer: Ferrotec Corporation Faculty Contact: Aaron Hawkins
Maintenance Request Staff Contact: Jim Fraser
Student Contact: Wesley Collyer
General Information
Equipment Specifications
Operating Procedure
  • Do NOT deposit anything containing iron. The only materials that can be deposited are Ni, SiO2, Al, Au, Cr, Ti, SnO2, Ge
  • Never operate the high vacuum (TURBO) pump without the roughing (MECH) pump being on
  • The door doesn't always seal correctly; if the chamber isn't able to pump down after the door was opened, press firmly in the center of the door and try again
  • Sign up on the scheduler before using the tool

Manufacturer: Ferrotec Corporation-Temescal Systems

Operating Procedure

  1. On the FerroVac controller screen, push “Vent”, then push “Start”.
    1. Wait for the controller to read “atmosphere” under the Lo-vac Gauge readout.
    2. Wait for the grey box in the bottom-right corner to read “Idle”.
  2. Turn the two handles on the right side of the door down and then open the door.
  3. Check the material and pocket that are currently in the machine. If you need to change the material being deposited:
    1. On the Tem EBeam controller press the down dropdown arrow.
    2. Press "Manual" and then close out
    3. Press "Pocket" to change until the desired pocket is reached. If you don't know which pocket you need reference the log sheets to see what previous users use for your material.
    4. Press the drop down arrow again and then press "Operation".
  4. Load material to be deposited in either the crucible pocket or the thermal source by first lifting out the shutter. Be sure that if the shutter is removed it is placed completely back in its arm.
  5. Load the wafer(s) to be coated as follows:
    1. Remove the wafer holder dome by pushing up in the center of the dome, turning it counterclockwise until the slot aligns with the locking pin, and then lower it enough to clear the shaft.
    2. Using both hands carefully guide the dome out of the system. Be sure not to hit the crystal holder.
    3. If you are planning to use the rotation attachment, place it on the dome and turn the tabs to hold it in place. Then place the wafer on this, turn the plastic screws to hold it down, and connect the red plug together.
    4. Load desired wafer(s) in the dome and turn the tabs to hold the wafer(s) in place.
    5. Carefully replace the dome and push it up on the shaft and turn it clockwise until the locking pin is in place and then lower it slightly.
  6. Close the door. With both hands firmly press the sides of the door to seal it. Don’t adjust the handles.
  7. On the Ferrovac controller press “Pump” and then “Start”.
  8. Begin filling out the log sheet, filling out name, date, time, material, and
  9. On the Infinicon controller push “Next Menu” until “sensor Info” is shown. (Infinicon controller uses buttons and dials, not a touchscreen).
    1. Press “Sensor Info” and record the value beside “Life” as “xtal%” on the log sheet
  10. Record the time it takes to pump down to 1e-1 torr. Put this under “roughing” under the log sheet.
    1. The system will automatically switch to the cryopump and continue pumping.
  11. Select program to run using Infinicon controller as follows:
    1. Press “Next Menu” until “Process Menu” is shown
    2. Press the button for the “Process Menu”
    3. You will need to enter the password shown to you in training.
    4. Turn the knob on the right until a white box is around the desired film, and then press the knob or “select”.
    5. Press “Main Screen” and ensure the top of the display shows the right process you are running.
  12. Wait until the FerroVac controller reads 5e-6 or less on the HiVac Gauge readout. Record the time it has taken to get to this, which is time from starting pump down minus time to reach 1 e-1 (roughing time)
  13. Turn on the breaker on the Temescal CV-6SLX power supply, near the bottom of the machine.
  14. On the Tem EBeam controller press “Sweep”.
  15. On the Infinicon controller press “Start”.
    1. Press the “Next Menu” button until “Next Graph” is shown
    2. Press “Next Graph” until the graph for “Power”(default) shows
    3. Once power is at 20%, look in the port and turn the shutter knob to ensure the e-beam is working.
  16. Watch the display below process until it reads Soak 1
  17. Log the estimated power rate.
  18. When the desired thickness is reached the graph will revert to “Power” and the status display will show “Idle”, “Ramp”, and “Stopped”. Log the thickness in nm (given in angstroms)
  19. Turn off the breaker on the Temescal CV-6SLX power supply.
  20. On the FerroVac controller press “Vent” and then “Start”
    1. Wait until it shows “Atmosphere” and the status box is idle
    2. Open the door and remove the dome like in step 4
  21. Remove sample wafer(s) from the dome and replace the dome
  22. Close the door
  23. On the FerroVac controller press “Pump” and “Start”.
  24. Record end time on the log sheet.