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Purchasing Wafers

Company/ServiceSizeDopingGrade- PrimeGrade- TestGrade- ReclaimSubstrate- SiSubstrate- III-VSubstrate- SIOSubstrate- GlassSubstrate- OtherOrientation <100>Orientation <111>Orientation Other
Wafernet50-450 mmN or PXXXXXX
University Wafer25-300 mmN or PXXXXXXXXXXX
Silicon Quest Int.?N or PXXXXXXXXXX?
Pi-KEM (Compart Technology)10-200 mmN or PXXXXXXXXX?
PureWafer (Montco Silicon)50-300 mmN or Psurplus/discountssurplus/discountssurplus/discountsXXXX
Global Silicon Technologies50-200 mmX - Epi WafersX - Epi WafersX - Epi Wafers
Polishing Corp of America25-300 mmXXXXX
International Wafer Service25-200 mmN or PXXX
Wafer World Inc.XX
Silicon Wafer Enterprises, LLC50-300 mmN or PXXXXXX
NOVA50-300 mmN or PXXXXXX
Virginia Semiconductor25-200 mmN or PXXXXXXX
WaferPro50-300 mmN or PXXXXXXXXXX