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High Resolution Printing

High resolution printing can be used for features down to 50 microns. Often the edges are slightly jagged and the features are not as sharp as pattern generated images. Steps to preparing a transparency for fabrication are as follows below.

1. Design the mask in CAD.2. Export the CAD design to GDSII format.3. GDSII can then be used in many programs to save each layer of the design in .eps or postscript format. In the Electrical Engineering department we use CleWin. If you do not have CleWin or another program that will work, and you are on approved university business talk to Joe Bussio 422-5350 to see about conversion in the EE Department.4. Take the file to BYU Print Services at the main desk in the Press Building.

An online estimate can be obtained at the print services website by clicking here.