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PN Junction Properties Calculator

PN Junction Properties Calculator

Select a semiconductor substrate and a doping profile below.

The depletion layer width, built-in voltage, maximum field, and depletion capacitance will be displayed in the appropriate boxes.

Select a Semiconductor:

Select a doping profile:

Gallium Arsenide

Input the necessary parameters:

NA: cm-3
ND: cm-3
Temp: Kelvin
Applied Voltage: Volts

The abrupt junction is one where the doping is constant on both sides of the junction and changes instantly at the junction. These can't really be made, but they are frequently found in students' homework.
A subset of the abrupt junction is the one-sided abrupt junction, which can also be calculated here. If you don't know the doping on the heavily-doped side of a one-sided junction, just enter something very large like 1e20.

Maximum Field: kilovolts/cm
Built-in Voltage: volts
Band Gap: eV
Depletion Width: microns
Depletion Capacitance: nanoFarads/cm2