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Photoresist Manufacturers

Below is a list of photoresist manufacturers and a table of photoresists. We do not claim that either of these is comprehensive. There are other manufacturers and photoresists, but these are some of the more common ones. Some of the names given in the photoresist table are the names of series and not individual resists. A series may include many individual photoresists. Some photoresists have more information than others. We only included information that was easily and quickly obtainable from the manufacturers' websites. Many of them may have more uses or applications than noted here. Some manufacturers provide datasheets or product guides and the links for those have been included in the table. If you desire more information about a specific photoresist please check the manufacturer's website or contact the manufacturer.

AZ Electronic Material (Merck KGaA) Dow DuPont
DJ MicroLaminates Electra Polymers Ltd. Eternal Chemical
Fujifilm Electronic Materials Hitachi Chemical HiTech Photopolymere AG
JSR Micro Kolon Industries MacDermid
Kayaku Advanced Materials Sumitomo Chemical Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer Photoresist Tone Thickness (in µm) Exposure Wavelengths (in nm) Aspect Ratio/Resolution Primary Uses/Application
AZ AX series 193 contact holes, line/space
AZ DX and EXP series 248 multi-purpose, back end
AZ HiR 1075 Positive 0.6-1.2 i Ultra high line/space, contact holes
AZ MiR 701 Positive 0.6-3.0 i High line/space, contact holes
AZ MiR 703 Positive 0.8-1.4 i Mid-range line/space, contact holes
AZ MiR 900 Positive 2-4.5 i High aspect ratio line/space
AZ N6000 Negative 0.6-10 i ion implant, high speed
AZ nLOF 2000 Negative 1.8-10 i lift off
AZ nLOF 5000 Negative 0.75-1.5 i High lift off
AZ 3300 Positive 1-2.5 ghi general purpose
AZ 3300-F Positive 0.8-5 ghi general purpose, high speed
AZ 1500 Positive 0.4-4 ghi general purpose, wet etch
AZ N4000 Negative 2.5-5.5 gh
AZ P4000 series Positive Feb-55 gh 2:01
AZ 4500 series Positive Feb-55 gh 2:01
AZ 9200 series Positive Mar-50 ghi 3:01
AZ 10XT Positive Apr-50 ghi 3:01 plating and etch applications
AZ 50XT Positive 15-65 gh 3:01 plating and etch applications
AZ PLP-30 25-Jun gh 2:01
AZ PLP-40 20-30 gh 2:01
AZ 5XT series Positive 5-Mar ghi 2:01
AZ 12XT series Positive 20-May ghi 4:01 Cu RDL and TSV applications
AZ 40XT series Positive 20-100 ghi 4:01 etch and plating applications
AZ 125nXT series Negative 20-120 ghi 6:01
AZ 5nXT/15nXT Negative 20-May ghi 3:01 Cu RDL and TSV plating/etch
AZ TX 1311 5-Mar DUV 15:01
DJ MicroLaminates SUEX series Negative 100-500+ UV - X-Ray 20:01 Dry Film resists for MEMS, plating, microfluidics, WLP and more
DJ MicroLaminates ADEX series Negative May-75 UV - X-Ray 4:01 Dry Film resists for MEMS, plating, microfluidics, WLP and more
DOW Laminar series dry film photoresists for alkaline and acid etch and pattern plating
DOW Eagle 2100 ED Negative printed circuit board manufacturing
DOW Photoposit series roller coated photoresists for printed circuit boards
DOW Epic 2135 193 65 nm and 90 nm node processes
DOW UVN 2300 Negative DUV implant and cell open applications
DOW UV series Positive 0.5-3 248
DOW MCPR i7010N Positive >0.35 i general purpose
DOW Megaposit SPR 955-CM Positive >0.35 i general purpose
DuPont Riston Etchmaster 213/830 Negative 30 350-380 dry film resist, acid etch, chemical milling
DuPont Riston Goldmaster GM100 50/75/100 350-380 dry film resist, gold plating, adhesion to various metals
DuPont Riston MultiMaster MM100i/MM500 30/40/50/65/75 350-380 dry film resist, general purpose, alkaline etch, gold plating
DuPont Riston PlateMaster PM200/PM300 Negative 38/40/50/75/100 350-380 dry film resist for copper, tin, tin/lead plating
DuPont Riston TentMaster TM200i Negative 30/38 350-380 dry film resist, tent and etch processes, acid etch
DuPont Riston Laser LDI 300/500/7000/7200/8000 Negative 30/38/40/50/62/75 355/405 dry film resist, laser direct imaging
DuPont Riston FX 250/500/900 Negative 15,30,40,50,62 350-380 dry film resist, Ni/Au plating, fine lines, chemical milling, acid etch
Eternal Etertec Series Dec-50 dry film resists, plating, print-and-etch, tent-and-etch, chemical milling, PKG
Eternal Laminar Series 24-101 dry film resists, plating, print-and-etch, tent-and-etch, LDI for some
Fujifilm FEP-100 Positive e-beam e-beam direct write
Fujifilm FEN-100 Negative e-beam e-beam direct write
Fujifilm GAR series 193 various
Fujifilm GKR series 248 various
Fujifilm SC series Negative >1 g general purpose, resistant to common silicon etchants
Fujifilm HNR series Negative >1 g
Fujifilm HR series Negative >1 g
Fujifilm IC series Negative >1 g
Fujifilm HPR 500 series Positive >0.75 g ion implant, wet and dry etching
Fujifilm OCG 825 >0.75 g
Fujifilm HiPR 6500 series >0.75 gi
Fujifilm OiR series Positive >0.25 gi various
Fujifilm FHi series >0.25 gi
Fujifilm GiR 1102 0.25-0.4 i
Fujifilm PMMA Positive DUV/e-beam 7:01 various
Hitachi RD series 15/25 355-405 High dry film, DLP and UV-LDI systems
Hitachi DL series 20/25 High dry film, DLP systems
Hitachi SL series 20/25/29/38 High dry film, UV-LDI systems
Hitachi RY series 19/25 High dry film, PKG
Hitachi H series 25/30/34/38/45 High dry film, PCB production, tenting
Hitachi HM series 56/75/112 High dry film, electro-forming
Hitachi FR series 25/38/50 dry film, FPC production
Hitachi FZ series 20/25/30/35 dry film, solder resist, PKG
HiTech DiaEtch 101 Negative 300-350 Dip-coating application for various metallic substrates
HiTech DiaEtch 102 Negative >25 300-450 Dip-coating application for printed circuit boards
HiTech DiaEtch 120 Negative >25 300-450 Roller-coating application for printed circuit boards
HiTech DiaEtch 122 Negative >25 300-450 Roller-coating application for various metallic substrates
HiTech DiaPlate 5-500 Electroforming process, adhesion to various substrates
JSR Micro ARX series Positive ArF(193) line/space, contact hole, implant
JSR Micro M series Positive KrF(248) line/space, contact hole, implant
JSR Micro V series Positive KrF(248) implant
JSR Micro NDS series Negative KrF(248) implant
Kolon Trumask Negative inner layer, lead frames, BGA, roller or dip-coated
MacDermid PMGI and LOR Positive <0.05 - >8 DUV/240-290 Sacrificial Layer, Bi-layer Lift-off
Kayaku Advanced Materials SU-8 series Negative <1 - >300 Near UV/350-400 10:01 Permanent applications
Kayaku Advanced Materials KMPR 1000 Negative <4 - >120 i High MEMS, electrolytic plating, DRIE applications
Kayaku Advanced Materials PMMA Positive <0.1 - >5 DUV/e-beam/x-ray High T-gates, e-beam and x-ray processes, protective coatings, sacrificial layer
Sumitomo Sumiresist Positive