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OxyNitride Characterization

This characterization focused on varying the percent of NO2. All other parameters were maintained constant.

This is the recipe:

Gas1 (NH3): 2.5%Gas2 (SiH4) : 95%Gas3 (NO2) : 2.5-25%Pressure : 900 mTorrPower : 100 WTemp : 250 deg

Note: This recipe is no longer valid due to MFC changes. Visit the PECVD Deposition page for details.

By varying the amount of NO2(Nitrous Oxide) we can change the index of refraction. The effects of the condition of the chamber on the index of refraction of the OxyNitride are unknown. Future characterization would be necessary to determine that.


The deposition rate increases as NO2 increases.


The index of refraction and deposition thickness were found using the ellipsometer.
Summary of Data:


Using a trend line we can estimate the recipe for desired indices of refraction: