Leica DM LB 100T 
Leica Microsystems 
Contact Information:
  Faculty Contact:   Aaron Hawkins 
  Staff Contact:   Jim Fraser


General Information

The Leica DM LB is the premiere optical microscope in the BYU Cleanroom. Its high resolution, precision imaging allows its users to get an accurate, detailed view of their work. The Leica is also equipped with a video camera and computer linkup which makes capturing and sharing the microscopes images simple.

Microscope Lens Calibration


X10_________________123 microns

X20_________________60 microns

X50_________________24 microns

X100________________12 microns

Function Instructions Power, Brightness, Focus

Stage Movement

Aperture Diaphragm The aperture diaphragm can be narrowed to decrease the amount of light hitting the specimen. This will decrease reflections off the specimen and increase the image contrast. However, closing the aperture too much will cause a loss in detail.

Field Diaphragm The field diaphragm can be narrowed to decrease the field of view.

Polarizer Capturing Images on the Computer Turn on the camera by flipping the switch on the black box behind the microscope. (the green light will turn on on top of the camera) Click on the FBG32 icon on the computer desktop.

In the program the menu tab furthest right will read either GRAB or LIVE. If it says GRAB the program is showing the live feed from the camera and the user has the option of grabbing the current image. It it says LIVE, the program is showing the last image grabbed and the user can press live to see the live feed from the camera. Save option is under the file tab.

The latest snapshot from the Leice Microscope