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Laurell Spinner

Machine Information

Contact Information

Manufacturer: Laurell Technologies Corp.Faculty Contact: Aaron Hawkins

Model #: WS-400A-6NPP-LITE

Serial #:

Staff Contact: Jim Fraser
Maintenance Request
General Information
Equipment Specifications
Operating Procedure

The Laurell spin processor is used to distribute photoresist in a thin uniform layer by spinning a substrate. The Laurell spin processor is NOT to be used for any materials other than photoresist. The Solitec spinner can be used for other materials.

Standard Chuck: 50 - 150 mm - vacuum

  1. Maximum RPM: 6000
  2. Process Chamber: �8.5" (22 cm)
  3. Overall Size: �9" (23 cm)

Equipment Operation

  1. Open the cover, and center your wafer on the chuck.
  2. Press the "Vacuum" button on the control panel. This locks the wafer down on the chuck. The display should stop flashing the word "VACUUM," and instead display a number. If this number is not over 15.0, DON'T run the spinner. Check to see that the vacuum shutoff valve is turned on (it is on the line that runs from the wall into the spinner). If this valve is already open, make sure the house vacuum is turned on.
  3. Select the program you want to run by holding down the "Program Select" button, and using the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the programs (A-T).
  4. If none of the available programs are satisfactory, you may use program "F" as a customizable program. See the programming instructions for more information.
  5. Apply the photoresist to the wafer. Close the cover and press "run/stop." An interlock prevents the same program from running twice unless you lift the lid of the machine between runs, or hit F1 twice to override the interlock.
  6. Clean the inside surfaces of the spinner, including the drain hole, until they SHINE. Old photoresist degenerates into particles, and can corrupt your work and the work of others. Clean the chuck also, but do not force compressed air in the center hole, and don't allow any fluid to leak down either.
  7. Leave the machine with the lid shut, and clean up any mess around it.

Programming Instructions

  1. Place unit in "Programming" mode by pressing the F1 key. The PGM message will appear in the mode area of the display to indicate that the unit is in "programming" mode.
  2. Select the program letter (A-T) be modified using the PROGRAM SELECT key. The program letter selection will be indicated in the upper right area of the display.
  3. Use ADD STEP and DEL STEP keys to select the number of steps necessary in then program. Up to 51 steps can be programmed. (To delete a step, hit DEL STEP, then confirm within 5 seconds by pressing ENTER).
  4. Use the CURSOR left and right keys to position the cursor over the value to be changed.
  5. Use the VALUE up and down keys to change set point values. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all parameters for a given step agree with programming sheet. Note: The ACL at the bottom of each step screen stands for acceleration. If desired, the acceleration the chuck undergoes between steps can be modified. There are two numbers shown after ACL�the first is an index number, which you can change with the up/down arrows. The second is the actual acceleration (or deceleration) in rpm/s that the chuck will undergo as it approaches the spin speed specified for this step. Use the STEP key to advance to the next step.
  6. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 until all steps have been entered.
  7. Use the STEP key to step through the program and verify the correctness of all values.
  8. Press F1 to return to "run" mode.