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Modutek Hotpot

Modutek Hot Pot/Bath and Controller

Contact Information

Microtemp C1115Faculty Contact: Aaron Hawkins
Maintenance RequestStaff Contact: Jim Fraser
General Information
Operating Procedure
Understanding Alarms

The Modutek Hot Pot or Hot Bath is a heating bath that is used primarily for KOH Etching, Acid Etching, and Temperature Sensitive Etching.

All adapting of the hot pot recipes must be authorized the Faculty or Student Supervisor. ANY SOLUTIONS THAT ARE HEATED IN THE HOT POT MUST BE LABELED AT ALL TIMES!!!

Basic operation of the hot pot for use in KOH etching is easy and requires no changes or calibration to the Modutek Hot Pot Controller. If you desire to change the Controller settings, you can read about changing them in the Operation Manual.

See Hot Pot Setup:

Before Starting

  1. Fill the hot pot until the water covers the grey area of the pot.
  2. See grey area:

Power Up

  1. Push the Power Button on the controller and wait for the water temperature gauge to get close to the actual temperature in the pot.
  2. NEVER turn the power on without adequate water in the pot. If the water level gets too low the pot will crack and be ruined.
  3. See Power Up controls:

Setting the Heat Cycle

  1. Push first the (1) Timer Button then the (2) Hold Button and finally the (3) Reset Button.
  2. You will see the heat light turn on, but the timer will be stopped. This will allow you to heat the water and continue the etch for a prolonged period of time.
  3. See Heat Cycle setting buttons:

During the Etch

  1. Monitor the water level every half hour and keep water filled to the grey level.
  2. Always leave the cover on the pot. This will minimize water evaporation and the amount of chemical that is lost.

Power Down

Turn the pot off when you have finished your etch by pushing the Power Button.

Low Temperature Alarm

The Low Temperature alarm is manifest by an intermittent beep and the presence of a low temperature light on the control panel. This alarm goes off when the hot pot water temperature is a least 5 degrees C below the set point temperature. This can occur when adding significant amounts of fresh colder water to the already heated water. The presence of this alarm is not a big problem and will go away as the water is heated back to the set point temperature.

High Temperature Alarm

The High Temperature alarm is manifest by an intermittent beep and the presence of a high Temperature light. This means that the water in the pot is at least 5 degrees C. above the set point temperature. This is a problem and should be corrected immediately. It usually occurs when most of the water in the pot is boiled out. That can be corrected by adding more water to the pot. If the water level is full and the High Temperature alarm is sounding, turn the controller off and consult the machine supervisor. An unattended etch with the High Temperature alarm sounding should be turned off.

See Temperature Lights