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CIW window:

The Command Interpreter Window (CIW) is the first window you see and interact with using Cadence software. It contains menus with commands that allow you to do any operation Cadence supports. It is composed of different areas with separate functions, which are:

Window manager (optional) border

Output history area

Prompt line

Input line

Mouse bindings line

You control the size and location of the CIW. It can stay on your screen throughout your work session and be temporarily hidden by other windows.
The optional window manager border contains the location of the transcript log file that is kept for each session. The banner contains the pulldown menus.
Each command line is copied into the output area from the input line as it is accepted for execution. Any error messages or output resulting from a command may appear at the bottom of the output area, depending on the settings of the log filter flags. This area is treated as a read-only disk file. The contents cannot be changed by direct keyboard entry.
The input line holds the text of the current prompt until it is ready to be input. It is assumed that command line text accumulates in this command input area, and a single event, usually typing a carriage return, triggers command execution.
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